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Tinyspaces Thursdays: Soul Alphabet//Reclaim

Tinyspaces Thursdays hopes to bring artists/performers/movies/speakers into Feld to connect with community in an intimate space. We donate the space to those who wish to bring people together in an engaging, creative and thoughtful way. Creating a unique experience for the host and the people, we particularily like to focus on hosts that are socially and environmentally minded. Last week was a high energy evening filled with culture and music with various artists/businesses from the local African community coming together to raise money for the Love Uganda Foundation, which helps to rebuild lives of those orphaned by HIV/AIDS and poverty in Uganda.

Soul Alphabet took over the venue raising $700 and is a platform run by women of colour that empowers creatives in Australia and Afrika through design, music and art. Soul Alphabet was created with the aim of supporting the often marginalised narratives and viewpoints of people of colour.

After every Soul Alphabet event donates funds to African founded not for profit organisations that support vulnerable African women and children.

The evening featured many creatives of Afrikan heritage; from music to poetry to photography. In addition there was an artist exchange experience between Australia and Uganda.

We welcome any such community artists/groups who have a similar philosophy to contact us for tinyspaces thursdays.


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