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Missing Live Music! So are we..

Missing your live music? So are we...

We are excited to announce that this Saturday evening from 6pm we have 5 musicians playing exclusively in our first livestream event! This is a new feature we will be adding to our services plus our Tiny Spaces evenings!

The 5 musicians are brought you in a Peanut Butter Jam x Tiny Spaces.

Tickets are now available here

Tiny Spaces has always been a evening of which @feldandco donated space to artists, creatives or community groups to connect with their community. However we want to be able to give back, especially in times like these, where many if not all of the artists have had their livelihoods taken away.

Currently we can not have a live studio audience but we can livestream. All money from ticket sales will go to the artists, support the staff and to keep a live entertainment venue running. Artists along with the venues at which they performed at have had to close bringing unemployment to the staff of those venues.. we also want to assist to keep staff employed as well as supporting the arts. Make your contribution to the community by becoming a member of Tiny Spaces.

During COVID19 there has been a lot of discussion about what is an essential service and we can have no doubt in our minds that the health care workers and those on the frontline are essential to our needs. However the role of art and entertainment in our lives has been undermined. Art has the ability to connect our minds, give reflection and also predict the future. It has always been apart of culture and "the earth with out art would just be eh..." So let's support the arts!


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