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Welcome to Kindred Lane, kindred spirits.

We are just like you, also kindred spirits - creating, loving and flowing each day. Often, finding flow in business, creativity and wellbeing can be hard. And that is why we exist. Kindred Lane Studio is a communal creative space where you can find all you need for your business, creativity and wellbeing - under one roof.

We keep it simple for you, meaning you can find more flow.

Founded by Amy Chen and Kerry Roesner, both corporate professionals turned creatives and entrepreneurs. Both immensely immersed in the small business world, with separate growing Perth-based businesses (Amy is also the owner of Bare & Wilde, and Kerry is the owner of Feld & Co), they saw a gap in the market for a welcoming workspace that was not only aesthetically beautiful, but also housed a range of facilities that would empower small business owners with savvy business tools, meaningfully genuine connections and support their health & wellbeing - all under one roof.

Bringing together their respective contacts and experiences from the wellness industry & small business and creatives industries, the concept for Kindred Lane was born. And the rest is history, as they say. While the idea of Kindred Lane has been developing for almost a year, we are extremely excited to finally show you our space as we officially open in March 2020.

Now you know a bit about us, we would love to get to know you.

You can now register your interest to become a Kindred Spirit member and gain life-time access to our early bird pricing if signed up prior to April 2020.

Please click on the button below for more details.

We cannot wait to welcome you, kindred spirt, into a space where business,

creativity and wellbeing fuse and flow.



Hot-desking or permanent desk/office options available. Designed with simplicity, elegance and minimalism in mind. Practically fit out with powerpoint and storage.

Starts from $250 per month.

Also available for venue hire starting at $50/hr.


We run a diverse range of in-house membership events, including our monthly members’ networking events (complimentary for members). With such a beautifully designed space, we also offer venue hire and events management services so that you can successfully run your own events.


Your business is only as successful as your health & wellbeing. That is why we offer on-site wellbeing facilities for our members to indulge in. Includes weekly yoga, pilates, meditation classes and 4 week courses. We also have an in-house massage therapist - you’re welcome!


We have a team of trusted content creators, graphic designers and marketing & branding magicians who can tailor packages to suit your business needs. From content creation, to creating a new logo and brand to marketing campaigns - we have you covered.

Wellness Passes

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