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Our vision is to create a sustainable Creative Communal Space for like minded individuals who encourage and nurture one another through their creative fields, pursuits and celebrations.


Throughout 2018 we experienced and learnt a lot about the amount of waste created in the events industry. Its not only the issue of waste in general but the fact that most things used in an event are for single use only.

As a result we have decided to attempt to become a zero waste space. What does a zero waste space mean? The goal of a zero waste space is for no trash to be sent to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. Zero waste encompasses more than eliminating waste through recycling and reuse, it focuses on restructuring production and distribution systems to reduce waste. 

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Events hosted by Feld & Co. such as our Sunday Suppers Sobermesa will aim for this. Feld & Co. predominantly is a space that is hired out for events, workshops and photoshoots by third parties.

As a result Feld & Co. has little control over what is used in events. 

However there are ways in which we can help our clients become apart of this ideal. Our first move was to eliminate food waste going to land fill. We have a waste system which separates, recycling, food/organic and general waste

Disposable plates, cups and cutlery are another issue when it comes to events they are convenient and can often be very cost effective particularly when you look at hiring such items. Feld & Co. offer basic cutlery, plates and glassware to all events included in the hire of the space. Our space is a flexible and clients do not have to use what we offer however when it is included in the price more often than not the uptake has been strong. This eliminates the need for single use disposable plastic options ending up in land fill.

Although we allow out guests to choose what they bring into the venue we do believe that by sharing our philosophy with people encourages and instills an effort to be more conscious about consumption.

Since opening we have also switched to Green Power which means that all appliances, lights and electricity is sourced from green power sources only.

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